All lives matter? 

All lives matter; as a statement and a way of life, I stand by 110%. However, as I campaign I’m against it completely. Had the #alllivesmatter started as a vegan mantra, I too my have brought the t-shirt. The fact that this hashtag is a direct response to the #blacklivesmatter movement is antagonistic and insincere. Black people, particular in the US, are disproportionately discriminated against and targeted for police brutality which, on too many occasion has lead to careless fatalities. The justice system has legalised discrimination and prejudice; fear of caricatured blackness has evidently become a legitimate defence. 

The black lives matter campaign did not arise from a sense of superiority or a belief that black lives are far more sacred than others. It arose out of necessity and frustration; It arose as a form of protest against needless deaths. 

The all lives matter campaign sprung up as a direct result of the black lives matter movement, oddly contradicting the very notion it self-righteously assumes it’s propagating. It doesn’t recognise the institutional racism that Black people are subjected to; all lives are not facing the same daunting statistics of profiling, stop and searches and incarceration. 

#alllivesmatter isn’t a call for a change, it’s a stance for the maintenance of the status quo; it’s a stand for the continuation of inequality and racist policies 

If all lives matter is genuine in its claims, that all lives do indeed matter, it would have aligned with the black lives matter campaign, accepting that there is a racial problem and that Black people are overwhelmingly more like to suffer brutality and fatalities at the hands of law enforcement.

Black lives matter, unlike all lives matter, doesn’t contradict the latter notion. It accepts it and demands that Black people too are extended the same right to life. 

All lives do matter but some lives evidently, matter more than others. 


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